Monday, January 19, 2009

Lucas Gets A Booster

Lucas got a booster seat earlier this is a video I took of him.  His first time to ride in it was when I picked him up from school Monday afternoon.  Please excuse the way I am talking on this clip.  I just realized how annoying it sounds.....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Georgia and her Four Wheeler

Georgia got a Four Wheeler for Christmas and she got her first chance to try it out yesterday....well with a little help from her big brother.  It was so nice outside that we decided to play a little after picking up Lucas from school.  Here she is on her new ride.....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snowing In Paris!!!!

Stephanie's wish was to see snow in Paris.  Well after 5 days of sub-freezing weather and a little flurry out in the Loire Valley, we got an all out snow storm today in Paris.
  Stephanie was so thrilled that she decided to make a very short film about it.  So without any further delay, here is the main feature.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Normandy and the Catacombs of Paris

Yesterday we did an all day trip of the Normandy Region of France.  We started out in the small town of Roen and from there went on to see all the beaches of Normandy.  We started out at Sword Beach where the British troops came in and then headed on to Gold Beach where the Canadians came in and then Juno where more British and then the last two were the famous Omaha and Utah Beaches where the American troops arrived.  It was more than breathtaking and freezing cold!  You could even see the huge holes in the ground where the bombs landed...It gave D Day a whole new meaning for me.  We also visited the American cemetary off of Omaha beach. 

And then today we slept in a little and then headed out to the Catacombs of Paris.  The story goes one of the cemetaries here in Paris was creating some health problems so they decided to move the bones of the dead to an underground crypt to keep people in Paris healthy.   It was pretty amazing to say the least.  And then we headed over to the Louvre to hang out for a while, mainly because we wanted to warm up a little.  There we headed off to see Napolean's apartments because all the other time I have been in Paris they have always been under construction.  So I finally got to see them and they did not disappoint!  So here are some pictures of the past couple of days.  

Friday, January 2, 2009

Driving through the Loire Valley Region

Today we got up early and packed a few snacks and headed out to tour some chateaux.  The Loire Valley region is know for its chateaux.  Chad did all the driving which was entertainment in itself!  We visited cities such as Chambord, Chenonceau, Blois, and Ambois.  The countryside is beautiful even in the Winter.  It actually snowed most of the day but did not really stick to the ground.  It has been sooo cold here!!!  And tomorrow we will be on the coast which will be even colder!  We are headed to Normandy tomorrow and are going to stop at all the WWII beaches.  And of course duck into some little coastal towns for fun!  Au revoir.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wake up...It's 2PM

Yes, that heading is right.  After leaving DFW at 5 PM, taking a 9 hour flight, arriving in Paris at 10 am and hitting the streets to with Chad and Amy, celebrating New Years at the Eiffel Tower, fighting traffic back home, we finally crashed at 3:30 am...
So for those that are wondering what the big deal is there, with time changes and all that jazz we were up for 36 hours.
Luckily (for my pocketbook & rest) Paris was virtually shutdown today, so we had already planned on sleeping in.  Little did we know it would be until 2PM in the afternoon.

With all that we have had a nice day today hanging with Chad & Amy at thier Chateau.  

We are heading to the Loire Valley tomorrow morning to do some sightseeing so check back later for some more photos of our New Years adventure.

Sparkling Eiffel Tower

Here is my attempt of the Eiffel Tower sprarkling.  It changed from blue back to its normal golden lights for the new year!  It was blue because France's president was president of the EU for the past six that he is not now they changed it back to it normal color.  So anyway...I hope this movie works.