Sunday, November 16, 2008

26.2 and Still Kickin'......

Stephanie did it!!!!! She completed all 26.2 miles today and is still standing.   We are so proud of her.  Pictures will be coming shortly but wanted to let everyone know she was still alive.

Hurray for Stephanie....

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Georgia Claire's First Birthday Party!

There were have been alot of things going on this week so please scroll through the other posts after this one...there are other new posts!

Okay so this was Georgia's Birthday Party!  We had a great time with our family and friends which I am so thankful too for being here to celebrate with us!  Georgia had so much fun prancing around in her little tutu and eating everything in sight!  I will have to do another post later about her 1 year stats...  Thank you so much again to our family and our friends for making this WEEKEND so special!  We love you all!

Friday is Grandparents Day at PCA AND Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is my 30th Birthday!  Yes I am older but I would like to think with age comes wisdom so I must be wise now right?  But today is also Grandparents day at PCA and Lucas has been Star Student of the Week also!  I need to get some pictures of this from my mom...I was not allowed to go because it was "Grandparents Day" not "Mommy's Day"!  So moving on to the sweet, loving husband surprised me with a GREAT birthday party!  Catered by Rudy's BBQ and some of my sweet friends and family were there!  Along with this party came a very unexpected gift of DIAMOND EARRINGS!!!!  Yes I am very excited about these!  Mostly because Matt did this all on his own.  It was a perfect day!  
Once again no pictures of this...I need to steal some from my mom!  

Thursday is Happy Birthday Aunt Erin!

Erin turned 29 today!  So we went out to eat at Mattitos in Frisco for her birthday.  Jack and Nellie and GiGi and Papaw also came in tonight!  We are gearing up for tomorrow .....
Sorry no pictures from today....

Happy Birthday to Georgia Claire

Okay so her real Birthday day was maybe a little uneventful!  We did however go to Coldstone for Ice Cream that night to celebrate my little angel turning one!  She looks excited does she not?  So this was Wednesday....  I have a lot of catching up to do and a lot of pictures to share!