Monday, January 7, 2008

Georgia Smiles

Georgia is 2 months old and has just started really smiling a lot! She can hold her head up pretty well and is cooing when you talk to her. She is still pretty fussy but I think it is getting a little better. Maybe the medicine is finally starting to do its magic. Lucas is still love struck with her! He is constantly wanting to love on her which is a good thing and a bad thing. He is not the most gentle 3 year old little boy! I can really tell she is starting to recognize our voices too. Sometimes she gets a look of terror on her face when she hears Lucas come running in yelling "Georgia Claire your big brother is here!", that phrase is usually proceeded with a very wet kiss and not so gentle hug. Anyway, I posted some pictures I caught of her smiling. We had just gotten home from church and she was in the mood for a photo shoot!

Georgia calls the Hogs

Even though we did not go to the Cotton Bowl, we dressed for the occasion. I promise there is a pink razorback on her onesie, it is just hard to see in the picture!

Payten, Aunt Nancy, and Georgia

Christmas Break

Well the Harrington family had another wonderful Christmas with family and friends. We started out our Christmas visits by driving to Abilene, Texas, to visit Granny. Then we flew from Abilene to DFW to Fort Smith to visit my family. And then from Fort Smith back to DFW then to San Antonio to Matt's parent's house. We are so blessed to have so much family to share Christmas with. Here are some pictures of the kids.