Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter...A Little Bit Late!

I am just now getting Easter pics posted even though it is so late! So I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a great one! Lucas and Georgia got their pictures taken A LOT! This year we spent Easter in Greenwood, AR, with my family. Lucas and I made our "Easter Story Cookies" the night before and he was way more interested this year than last! It was fun! He even ate one this time! On Easter morning he took a bite and I told him how the hollow inside of the cookie was like the Jesus' tomb being empty and then he handed me the other half back and said that was gross! Maybe next year he will understand a little more! So here are some pictures of the kiddos in their Easter Best!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Georgia is Four Months old Today

Today is Georgia's four month birthday! I just thought I would let you see some new pictures. These are from yesterday and this morning! Enjoy!

I just thought this picture was cute! And it seems like Lucas never makes the Blog cut anymore. It is quite fitting that Lucas has his train shirt on with his train his Jack got working. The train was a train of my grandfathers. It was his when he was a little boy so we were very excited Jack got the train going again! I know Papaw Miller will be excited to see it going again!

Baby Dedication

I know this is old news but better late than never! We had baby dedication a couple of Sundays ago. We are still planning on recreating the moment as a family for pictures because Georgia had some issues that morning. Right before we headed into the church to pray with the pastor and dedicate our beautiful baby girl to the Lord, she had a major blow out! Not to be too gross but it was all over her back all the way up to her sleeves! But the show had to go on because the grandparents were all in town and we were about to walk into the sanctuary. So I strategically placed a burp cloth behind her so as to not get anything gross on Matt's suit. Anyway, we had the dress cleaned so maybe this Sunday we will get up earlier and take some family pics with her in her dedication dress! The important part was taken care of already, we stood before our family and our church family and promised the Lord that we would do our very best to raise Georgia in a Christian home and teach her about the love of Jesus and pray for her to commit her life to the Lord everyday.