Sunday, October 21, 2007

Georgia's Room

Okay so I have 15 days until Georgia's arrival and we finally have a place for her to sleep when she gets here! So here are some pictures to prove it! Obviously there are a few details left to add but the basics are in place! By the way my sweet Mom made all the bedding and the drapes! I don't know what I would have done without her! And my sweet hubby stayed up with Mom and I until 1 am trying to get the walls finished Saturday night! Anyway here are the pics! Oh and the last picture of all the Texas A&M stuff is for my sister and brother in law. My sweet girls from Bible Fellowship gave me a baby shower today and one of my girlfriends gave Georgia all this stuff in honor of Matt! I thought it was cute!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Orleans Pictures...

One of the guys on the trip is a photographer and he has provided the following photos for everyone. Wish I could take credit for some of the shots but I can't. In fact, I did not even take a camera.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Day....New Church

This morning we met up with Rev. Middleton from Pleasant Hill and he wanted us to help at his mothers's house today. After driving over there and seeing the total destruction of a house, it was decided that No work could be done on the house. Basically, no one had stepped in the house in over 2 years. There was still food in the refrigarator, which was sitting upside down in the kitchen. So what did we do, take the day off you think....NO way.
About the same time we were getting a little somber about the day and trip, Rob from Ignite/HimNi called and asked if we could spare a few to help with his church. Rob is working on restarting a church in Uptown off of Magazine Street called Valence Baptist Church. It is pretty cool story and I will go in depth later. But right now, just know we worked all day the church, which did not get flooded from Katrina but no less had not been touched or cleaned up since the storm. We cleaned, we mowed, we pulled weeds, we got dirty. The awesome part about the whole day was as we worked people from the neighborhood would come up and want to help, want to know about the church and really wanted to know when the church was going to open back up. It has been dead for about 12 years. Rob was blown away by the reaction of the area, and we got to be there as the first group in and really be involved in the rebuilding of what could be a very special church.

Well it is time to go to dinner so I better get dressed and meet up with the group.

Another OLD Topic....Matt is 30!

This also happened a while back but again I failed to post it on out blog. Matt turned 30 on October 2! We had a quiet dinner at Rudy's that day as a family but the weekend was full of fun! Friday Matt went to the season opener of the Dallas Stars and watched from the Ford Suite curtosey of Drew. Saturday morning was a long game of golf and then his SURPRISE birthday cookout with some friends and family! I think he ended up having a great 30th birthday! Here are some pictures from the cookout.

First Days of Preschool

Okay so this is a really old topic but I never put pictures up of Lucas' first day from this year. So I thought I would put up one from last year and then this years to show how he has changed! He has grown up so much this past year! So here are the pics!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Demo - Day 1

We stared the gutting of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church this morning. 16 of us hit the inside with force and had the entire thing gutted and stripped down by noon. It got really dusty and really dirty but it was all good. We only had to send one to the doctor, a minister of course. He took a board to the face. Don't ask, just know it happened.

Anyway, we are currently at the seminary cleaning up and getting ready to hook up with HimNi again. Rob & Greg are going to show us around the lower 9th and some of the worst hit areas.

Here is a picture of the church we are working on and with....

New Orleans Mission

This morning I left from Prestonwood's parking lot with 15 other Young Marrieds and we headed to New Orleans.   Several months ago our minister brought a mission trip to good to pass up, to go and see the destruction in New Orleans and help out any way we could.  Well after 9 hours of driving and countless bumps and swerves in the van, we arrived.
  This evening we hooked up with a group call HimNI.  Check them out on the web at  Basically it is a monthly meeting for young adults in New Orleans to worhip and fellowship.  It was cool setting and we got to hang out with the brothers, Rob & Greg, who started the program.  They have a huge passion for Christ and really for the young adults of New Orleans.  
  Anyway, I am going to try to update this through out the trip with photos and thoughts from what went on.  Tomorrow we are going to go gut a church that has sat vacant since Katrina.  Should be fun!!!!