Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Roof! The Roof! The Roof is NOT on Fire!!!

Sorry no pictures of the little ones on this post. Just thought I would share a little story. I am traveling for work the past two days and last night about 12:30 am I get a call from Stephanie. At first, I am thinking she fell asleep and just woke up and realized we hadn't talked and wanted to say "Good Night". I know how sweet. Well as I answer the phone to hear alarms, and hear beating on something, the neighbors door, she is calmly telling me that she evacuated the house because all the fire alarms are going off. O.K. you got my attention now, as I am 4 hours away and already getting dressed to see if I can set a new land/speed record on getting home!!! Stephanie being the ever so calm and collected self, wakes up the neighbors, calls 911 and gets Frisco's finest fire fighters out to the house. The fire firefighters according to eye witnesses were very polite and very courteous and completely checked the house from top to bottom for any signs of fire or distress. After finding nothing, they assured Stephanie that nothing was wrong, maybe a faulty wire or battery in an alarm. They did change out the batteries and told Stephanie that she did great in getting out the house and staying calm.
Long story, short. Stephanie did great and we now recommend you change the batteries on your smoke alarms twice a year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day!!!!

The first day of REAL school! I must say Lucas seemed so much older this morning! I know he is only 4 but the fact that he is going to a real school this year just makes me feel like he is growing up sooo fast! He relunctantly woke up this morning to put on his school uniform for the first time and he looked so cute! Even though it is just Navy shorts and a white polo it seemed more sophisticated than his normal attire of camo shorts from the GAP and a t-shirt! Then we got Georgia dressed and fed. And then it was time to leave after a short photo shoot...and I mean short as in about 5 pictures was about all he would allow me to take! We got to school and he found his table and his seat! We said our good byes and gave kisses and hugs and then Georgia and I were scooted off to the "BooHoo, Yahoo Breakfast"! I did not cry though! But I will admit once I got Georgia loaded up and we headed back to the house I was a little sad that my summer with both of the kiddos at home was over! Now I am not saying I did not enjoy my time alone with Georgia today, but it was a little bittersweet.
So when I came back to pick him through the carpool, which is the greatest thing on earth!!!, he was so excited to tell me about his day and who he played with! They took a little tour of the school by way of hunting down a little mouse that had taken a bite out of a cookie! Lucas LOVED this! His teacher had planted cookies that had had a bite taken out of them around the school as clues and then when he got back to his classroom the kids all had cookies at their desk and a little mouse! Lucas was way impressed. So needless to say he wants to go back tomorrow but he does not have school again until Friday! He might be a little disappointed in the morning!
Well here are a few pics of the sweet boy on his first day of PreK 4!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet the Teacher!

Lucas is in Mrs. Armstrong's class! Yeah!!! Today Lucas got to meet his new teacher and some new friends. He was not sure about going in at fact his words were "These are not my friends, I think I will stay out here for a little while." So Matt sat outside the door with him until he saw other kids go inside and start having a little fun. He perked up pretty quickly. I was a little worried of that exact thing. He has been in CLC for the past couple of years and has made some really great friends all of which are not attending PCA this year for various reasons. I know he will adjust quickly though. This is one kid who has never had a problem making friends! So he was sooo excited about all the things in the classroom that had his name on them!
Mrs. Armstrong did a great job at making the kiddos feel really special! I took several pictures of the room! This year Lucas will be doing Science, Social Studies, Bible Class, Reading and Writing, Art, and Spanish and then once a week he gets to go to the Computer Lab, Music, PE, and then Chapel on Fridays! He is already to go on Wednesday morning! Now we will just see how easy it is to get both kids up and dressed and at school by 8:00 AM!!! We will have to leave the house by 7:30! YIKES!!! Well here a few pictures of today! We are praying for Lucas and his teachers for a great year and that Lucas will fall in love with learning and most importantly the Lord a little more everyday!

I was hoping you could read some of the things on the bulletin boards but if you can't you can click on the pic and I think they will show up bigger!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Party is Over...

Okay so maybe a train party at an outdoor train museum on a day the temperature reads 104 degrees is not such a great idea.....or is it? We had a blast and we sweated ALOT and the cake melted! It was really fun. The kids had a great time and I cannot believe that Tuesday I will have a four year old!!!! Lucas said it was a "great day Mom!", so it was all worth it. Thank you to all of our family and friends who sweated it out and made Lucas' 4th Birthday Party one to remember! Here are some of our pictures from the big day!

Lucas is partied out...for now anyway!