Sunday, May 17, 2009

So much has happened.....

I don't even know where to has been so long since I have blogged last and so much has happened!  I guess I will just pick up where the last post left off!  After Easter Q and U got married at PCA!  This was an extremely exciting event.  The kids were all dressed up in their Sunday Best to witness the nuptials!  Here are a couple of pictures....

Next came quite an incident.  Lucas and his Daddy decided to play golf one afternoon and their plans kind of took a turn for the worse.  The cart boy brought them their cart and Lucas loaded his golf bag and while his Dad was loading his, Lucas jumped into the cart and which starting rolling.  Matt jumped in and since Lucas could not reach the peddle Matt reached over with his foot and pushed the brake which caused the cart to jerk a little while taking a turn down hill.  Lucas fell right out on his back and hit his head.  Matt took him to the ER of Baylor Frisco, because he thought Lucas was not acting normal.  A CT Scan later Children's Hospital downtown was sending an ambulance to move him to their hospital.  So now Lucas has a pretty good size skull fracture and we go back this Thursday for our next scan to make sure he is healing properly.  If all goes well he gets his activity restrictions removed!!  So if you think about it say a little prayer for him this week...we are praying for a clean scan!  So here are some pictures of Lucas in the hospital at Children's....

So since Lucas has been on restricted activity which has meant no PE, recess, swimming lessons, T Ball and rough housing of any sort.  We have gone bowling, watched a lot of movies, played "gently" in the back yard and oh yeah lots of Wii!!!  Here are a couple more pictures.....  
I promise this post will wrap up soon!

And then there was Mother's Day which was very nice.  I forgot to take any pictures but we had a great weekend.  And then there was Lucas' last field trip for the school year.  They went to the park for the day and had an All American Picnic of Hot Dogs, chips, Water, and a cookie!  And of course lots of fun!  Now I know Lucas was not exactly supposed to be playing at the park with the cracked skull and all but I could not stand to let him miss out on his last field trip with his friends!  And he is showing no signs of any further damage... so here are the pictures from the field trip....

And just for fun here are some pictures of GC (Georgia Claire) playing at Chick fil A....

And last but not least here is a shout out to Daddy who is fly fishing in Wyoming today...he will be there for work until Friday so we miss him a whole lot!  Get back soon and catch some fish or at least come up with some good stories to tell!

So I hope this has not been entirely boring but now you are all caught up with the Harringtons!  

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Playset and Easter Weekend!

Here are a few pictures from our Easter weekend.  Thank you to Jack and Nellie and Brad and Mindy for coming and spending the weekend with us and building our playset!  The kiddos love it!  

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lucas' First T Ball Game

I had planned on getting these pictures up earlier but better late than never I guess!  Lucas had a double header on Saturday so here are some pictures from the big game.  I think he had a least for the first game anyway.  He loved being center of attention while he was batting and it was so darn cute!!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Say Cheese

Please excuse the fact that we had just finished eating lunch in our PJs and I don't really know how to edit the screaming out of the begining of the video. I had left Georgia to finish the rest of her lunch at the table and when I walked back into the kitchen I found her sitting on the table chomping on some Cheetos! I should add that she climbs on EVERYTHING!! So it has been very hard to teach her we don't sit "on" the table we sit "at" the table. So here she is sitting on the table and her new word is "cheese" everytime I get my camera out. I think it is pretty cute!
Matt has been out of town working all week so the kids and I have been home alone! It has been a busy week and I am so glad tomorrow is Friday! And even more excited that Matt will be home Saturday morning! Oh, and Lucas has his first Tball game this Saturday.....two games actually....I know there is a baseball term for that but it is late and I cannot think of what it is called. So, Matt I hope you got your sleep this week because the kiddos are so ready for you to get home and play!
And Mary Nell I am very sorry it has been so long since the last post! Hope the video makes up for it! I should have some Tball footage for the blog by the weekend

Sunday, March 1, 2009


That's right Georgia has a new set of tubes in her sweet little ears! This news is a little late but she got her tubes put in Friday morning at 6:50 AM! She has had an one ear infection after another since November and we have been on a continous round of antibiotics. And fussy....I cannot even begin to describe the days we have had! But now she seems to be doing a ton better! I cannot imagine how painful it must have been for her to have constant ear pain...and she could barely hear out of one ear. Anyway, I took some pictures of her that morning while waiting for her turn in the OR! DId I mention that it only took 10 minutes for the Dr to finish!!! That is amazing to me. And that poor Lucas had get up at 4:30 AM and still go to school that day! He seriously was a trooper....and he got his "Class Sticker" which means he was working extra hard to be good! And his teacher told me that afternoon that he had his friends pray for his sister and her "new ears"! So Sweet! So here are some of the pictures....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Posting while watching the Oscars....

I thought I might multitask while I do one of my favorite the Oscars! I totally look forward to this night every year! I know that is sad but I LOVE looking at all the beautiful dresses! I love watching Hollywood all dressed up! So anyway, this post is supposed to catch up you up on some of the things going on around the Harrington Household. Georgia is now 15 months old! She is growing up crazy fast. And fiesty, she has a little attitude right now but she is truly a blessing to our family! Right now she is still not saying much of anything that we can understand but I am so not going to worry about it because I stressed about it with Lucas, since he was not understandable until he was two, and now we can not get a word in he is talking ALL the time! So here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks........

The kiddos playing around in the playroom. Georgia has been quite taken by the "Red Craftsman Saftey Goggles".

Georgia and Matt eating some of my super yummy chicken and pasta! I mean you know it has to be good for Georgia to be trying to eat it out of her Daddy's mouth!!!

Lucas and Georgia being silly at snack time. Oh yeah and Georgia LOVES markers right now....don't worry it is the washable kind! She thought it was lipstick!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lucas Ice Skating

What did you do for Valentine's Day? Buy some chocolate? Maybe some roses?
Well not us, we decided to head over to the local Ice Rink, and let Lucas try out the skating.
He has taken some interest in hockey and has been begging to go skate, so that is what we did. Here is a short little clip of what our nearly 1.5 hours on the ice was like.