Monday, July 21, 2008

Lucas' Week Of Fun!

Lucas got to go stay with his Jack and Nellie last week and I am just now getting some pictures up from his week of fun! He stayed the whole week in San Antonio and had a BLAST! He went to the Natural Bridge Caves, Sea World, and the New Braunfels Children's Museum. And I think he spent a lot of time out at his Aunt Nancy's swimming! When asked what he saw down in the caves he replied " a lot of trash cans". I guess the emphasized keeping all trash in the trash cans so as not to hurt the natural cave. His favorite part of Sea World was "getting a drink and the penguins". Some times I wonder about him....
He is standing here now telling me his favorites!!!! ( Yes he is up past his bedtime!) He also wanted me to add that he Loved the trains and walking??? And he wanted me to mention the roller coaster, the dolphins and the Log Ride. And he had fun eating with Baby Payten, Erin, Chris, Jack and Nellie.

So I hope you could understand this post! Lucas wanted to tell me what to type! Okay so here are some pictures that Erin sent me of Lucas at Sea World....

Jack, Nellie, Aunt Nancy, and Lucas

Thank you to Jack and Mary Nell! Lucas had a great time! I hope you are both getting some rest this week!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Georgia Claire at 8 Months

So I decided I needed to update everyone on what Georgia is up to since she will be 9 months within a couple of weeks! I cannot even believe she is already this old! Time flies so much faster with the second child...or at least that is the way it seems. Okay, so here is what she is doing right now....
-Pulling up on things
-Babbling like crazy
-she says Ma Ma (okay at least I hear it!)
-she says Da Da (that one was for Matt)
No seriously she really does say a version of these words when she is crawling toward us!
-She loves her swim lessons
-She is already eating quite a few table foods like...cheerios, goldfish, green beans, mashed potatoes, sometimes bananas
-She still does not take naps really well...but have you met her brother?? He does not quite understand the meaning of quiet.
-Which leads me to my favorite...she is absolutely smitten with her big brother Lucas!
-She has 4 teeth...2 on bottom, 2 on top

I think that just about covers it! Georgia is really starting to show her own personality now. She is a very loving and determined baby girl! I think I might have another "Strong Willed Child" on my hands. Oh well, back to my favorite Dobson book!

Georgia, you have been such a blessing to our family! We thank God for you every day and pray that you grow to love the Lord a little more every day! You teach us something new about the love of God everyday and we praise the Lord for that blessing! We love you Sweet Miss!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend in Athens

We had a lot of fun this past weekend. We got to play at the lake and spend some time with Matt's family. We met everyone in Athens for the wedding of a family friend. So we all stayed at the David's lake house on Lake Athens. When I say "all" I mean Matt and I, Lucas, Georgia, Jack, Mary Nell, Erin, Chris, Payten, Brad, and Mindy! It was some tight quarters but we enjoyed it. We ended up spending most of Saturday in the Lake and then went to the wedding that night. Lucas had a blast! Carrie and Lindsey Addcock were in town and Lucas LOVES every minute he gets to see them! Well here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Say cheese!!

Lucas and Matt swimming by the dock

Lucas and Carrie on the Hobie Cat

Lucas on the dance floor!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nothing in Particular

Tonight has been so relaxing and non-chaotic which is a nice change. We had a little summer thunderstorm tonight...I love summer thunderstorms! The kids are both in bed and I am catching up on all my friends blogs. Matt is on the couch watching golf. So I thought I would just put a few of my current favorite pictures up. They are of nothing in particular, other than my cute little fam, but I really like them! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

It has been a while.....

I really have good intentions of updating the blog weekly but some how time just gets away from me. So I will just give the highlights of the past couple of weeks. I drove Lucas and Georgia to Arkansas last week to stay with my parents. I actually stayed until Wednesday and my parents brought the kids back Friday night. Anyway, they had a lot of fun...Lucas went fishing and played with his friend Kenny just about everyday! Georgia basically took advantage of the fact that if she let out the littlest peep of distress my dad would come running and pick her up. Here a few pics from that week....

Lucas thought he needed his goggles to play in the sprinklers!

Georgia being held...

Lucas and my dad fishing off their dock

So now this past weekend we had a fun Forth of July! Matt was home all day Friday and we basically just played with kids. It is amazing how much fun they have with a $4 pool and a $10 slip and slide! So we stayed in the back yard and played most of the early afternoon. After naps we went next door to hang out with our neighbors to swim and grill out and then watch the fireworks. We have an awesome view of the fireworks from the front of our house or our neighbors. They shoot them off at the Dr Pepper stadium but the traffic is horrible so we opt to sit at home and watch. Georgia fell asleep during the finale and Lucas was a bit delirious so both kids were in bed and asleep by the end of the show. So that is about it! I hope everyone had a great Fourth and remembered to thank God that we live in such a free and beautiful country! And here are a few pictures from the Fourth....

Georgia and Lucas in Georgia's swimming pool

Georgia in her July 4th outfit!