Sunday, February 22, 2009

Posting while watching the Oscars....

I thought I might multitask while I do one of my favorite the Oscars! I totally look forward to this night every year! I know that is sad but I LOVE looking at all the beautiful dresses! I love watching Hollywood all dressed up! So anyway, this post is supposed to catch up you up on some of the things going on around the Harrington Household. Georgia is now 15 months old! She is growing up crazy fast. And fiesty, she has a little attitude right now but she is truly a blessing to our family! Right now she is still not saying much of anything that we can understand but I am so not going to worry about it because I stressed about it with Lucas, since he was not understandable until he was two, and now we can not get a word in he is talking ALL the time! So here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks........

The kiddos playing around in the playroom. Georgia has been quite taken by the "Red Craftsman Saftey Goggles".

Georgia and Matt eating some of my super yummy chicken and pasta! I mean you know it has to be good for Georgia to be trying to eat it out of her Daddy's mouth!!!

Lucas and Georgia being silly at snack time. Oh yeah and Georgia LOVES markers right now....don't worry it is the washable kind! She thought it was lipstick!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lucas Ice Skating

What did you do for Valentine's Day? Buy some chocolate? Maybe some roses?
Well not us, we decided to head over to the local Ice Rink, and let Lucas try out the skating.
He has taken some interest in hockey and has been begging to go skate, so that is what we did. Here is a short little clip of what our nearly 1.5 hours on the ice was like.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Georgia's Big Girl Hair Do

Don't laugh but I had no idea how to fix Georgia's hair no that is getting longer. So after some "little girl hair do" classes I got from so friends that have girls, this is what we got! I thought it was pretty darn cute! She is obviously not very happy about it in one of these pictures but I swear she reallys likes her new style. She just kept staring in the mirror touching her little fountain of hair. So anyway, Payten I am sorry there are no new videos yet. Maybe we can get some new footage tomorrow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What have we been up to?

Well Matt was gone all of last week so the kids and I toughed it out by ourselves...which is not that bad but we did miss Daddy!  We had an ice storm, like most others did, on Tuesday and Wednesday but as always it was nice and warm by the weekend.  We had a birthday party for a 2 year old on Friday night and then it was back to the house to bake cupcakes and cook for a baby shower the next morning.  We had a Shower for Amy Dean Saturday morning which was interesting because we did it through Skype!  She got to watch her entire shower on the computer and we all got to see her.  Matt hooked my laptop up to the TV so we could chat and get a chance to see her all preggo!!! It was so much I just have to haul all of her "goodies" to the Post Office to mail them to her.  We are very excited to see Miss Lauren Paige Dean in her cute little outfits and bows!  And then of course today is the Super Bowl which I will have to admit I have paid not attention too even though it is on in our house right now.  So I think it is the Cardinals and the Steelers playing so I will randomly select the Steelers to be rooting for just for the simple fact that I prefer the northeast to the southwest.  So that is about all for us...  And of course I will post some pictures of the kids from this past week!  Have a GREAT Monday!