Monday, February 16, 2009

Lucas Ice Skating

What did you do for Valentine's Day? Buy some chocolate? Maybe some roses?
Well not us, we decided to head over to the local Ice Rink, and let Lucas try out the skating.
He has taken some interest in hockey and has been begging to go skate, so that is what we did. Here is a short little clip of what our nearly 1.5 hours on the ice was like.



Carrie and Ross said...

I'm so jealous that he is better than me at ice skating!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a new video. Very impressive, can't wait to come watch him play hockey! Erin and Payten

Brian said...

We are going to teach our child to be a professional athlete as well. It's a good retirement plan.

Tricia Hoffmann said...

So, it looks like he will be a bruiser...he likes the penalty box better than the ice!

Chad & Amy said...

Starting him early!!! Love it!

Remember...there is an outdoor rink in Paris right year, he'll have to try his skills on some "real" outdoor ice!